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This class focuses on teamwork, members work together practicing techniques and combinations so that they can be more effective. Sparring equipment is mandatory for safety reasons for this class, speak to an instructor about the
equipment purchases.


Application of our fundamental martial arts training is taught in a series of choreographed pattern of movements, we call forms. These forms are practiced in a way to memorize and perfect the movements being executed.

Basics/ Fundamentals

These classes help ground your fundamental martial arts training, including; kicks, blocking techniques, punching, knee and elbows.

Self – Defense & Weapons Defense training

For adults and/or advanced belt level members only, this class applies techniques taught in our curriculum to the street. Weapons are mandatory for this class, speak to an instructor about the weapon purchases.

Family Class

This class allows you to train together with your family! Families can engage in sparring sessions together, practice their fundamental training or learn new forms together. The class is designed to keep you moving and have fun together.

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